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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into affect on 25th May 2018. It replaces the current Data Protection Act in the UK and is the biggest overhaul of data protection legislation for 25 years. In order to ensure all your data is stored and processed according to the new GDPR regulations which come into force in May 2018, I now have a Privacy notice. You can view this notice by clicking on the following link which takes you to the email contact page, there is a link to the Privacy Notice there. When you contact me via this website, you will be asked to explicitly tick a box on the contact form to show you have read the Privacy Notice.


Practice Locations - Where to Find Me

At the present time I am living in Dubai.


Fees are payable one week in advance of each session and 2 working days notice is required if you cannot make a session or the full fee will be charged. This means that if your session is on a Monday, I require notice on the previous Thursday.

FEES Dubai 2023 - All Fees are payable at least 48 hours in advance

  • 60 minutes Individual Psychotherapy/Counselling Session - AED550


  • 60 minutes couples counselling session - AED700
  • 90 minutes couples counselling session - AED1000

Please contact me for further information on fees and charges. Payment is due one week in advance of each session via bank transfer. Cheques are not accepted. Fees are reviewed on an annual basis and a month's notice is given of any changes to existing clients.


Cancellation policy, please read carefully


Your agreed slot will be held for you each week and regular attendance is important in order to get the most out of therapy. If you are not able to attend your session please give at least 2 business days notice of any cancellation, my business days are Monday to Friday. Therefore, if your appointment is on a Monday, I will require notice on the Thursday or before. If less than 2 business days notice is given then all missed/cancelled appointments will be charged at the full fee.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which therapy is right for me?
During your initial consultation we will discuss which approach is best suited for your particular needs and what you would like to achieve during our work together.

Do I need a Drs referral or can I self refer?
It is not necessary to have a Drs referral to attend counselling/therapy. It is helpful if you are coming for a specific psychosexual issue to have visited your GP first to ensure there are no underlying medical issues.

Do you accept referrals from Employee Assistance Programmes and Private Health Insurers?
I do not currently work for insurance companies.

What’s the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?
Counselling usually focuses on specific and current issues, to find ways of resolving problems. Psychotherapy involves more in-depth work and may take longer. Psychotherapists are usually required to take a longer training than counsellors.

How long do sessions last and how often will they be?
Sessions are for a maximum of 50 minutes and are usually at a frequency of once a week. If you arrive late, the session will still finish at the agreed time, even if this means that the session is less than 50 minutes in duration. Sessions are usually once a week, however, you may decide to attend more frequently. Couples usually attend weekly at the beginning of their Couples Work but this can be less frequent once the work is underway and depends on the availability of the couple. You can discuss the number of sessions with your therapist during the initial consultation. Starting regular sessions is a commitment to prioritising the session time, as consistent attendance is important for the process to be most beneficial to you.

Do you have a waiting room?
I do not have a waiting room so it advisable to arrive promptly for your session as this also helps to ensure other clients’ confidentiality in between session times.

How many sessions will I need?
If you decide to attend for regular counselling/therapy sessions, then the duration will be discussed and agreed between us. This agreement is reviewed regularly and is also dependent on the progress that is being achieved during the therapy and will depend on which approach is used. I work in a brief solution focussed way or offer longer term psychotherapy, again this depends on what you are hoping to achieve and the underlying issues you are bringing to therapy. Hypnotherapy is more of a short term approach and as such, the number of sessions will depend on your response and also your particular issue. Some issues, e.g., stop smoking, nail biting and some phobias can be treated in one or two sessions. However, you can decide to end your therapy at anytime but should you decide to do this we should discuss this together so we can organise a proper end to the work we have done together.

Do you have a cancellation policy?
Missed appointments or cancelled sessions are chargeable, unless you discuss any absence with me in advance. If we agree to work together I will keep a regular slot available for you as it is important to maintain regularity and continuity of sessions. It is therefore important you are committed to your therapy and attend regularly to get the most out of your sessions. As I cannot offer your session time to anyone else, you need to give me at least 2 business days notice if you are unable to make your session or I will charge the full session fee for a missed appointment. If you cannot attend an appointment you should let me know as soon as possible, as it may be possible to rearrange your appointment if I have advance notice and depending on availability. Holidays are not charged but I require advance notice of these. If you are not attending regularly, it may be necessary to change your appointment time to a time which is less popular. Evening appointment times are particularly popular and there is less availability.

Therapist Cancellation
I will not be available at certain times during the year; however, I will provide you with as much notice as possible when this is the case. If I need to cancel at short notice, where possible, I will try to rearrange the client session at a more convenient time.

Client Holidays?
No fee will be charged for prearranged holidays, providing sufficient notice has been given. However, if you are unable to attend your regular therapy sessions for an extended period of time, it may be necessary to discuss alternative appointment times to ensure I have availability for other clients who require weekly appointments.

These are payable at least 48 hours in advance by cash, bank transfer or chip and pin, whichever method is more appropriate for you. I review my fees periodically and any increase will be notified to the client and become effective within 28 days of the notification.

What if I need to contact you between sessions
If you need to contact me between sessions, it is best to telephone me to ensure I get your message as emails and texts can sometimes go astray. Do not assume I have received your message unless you receive confirmation from me of receipt.

What if you cannot help me or we decide not to work together?
If I believe you would benefit from more specialist help, this will be discussed with you and I will help to refer you to another agency or other specialist professional.

What happens if I want to discontinue with my therapy?
When you decide to end the therapy contract, it is important that we schedule one or possibly more sessions to review the process of your therapy. As endings are so important, should you decide to terminate the therapy earlier, you agree to provide sufficient notice to ensure an appropriate ending to the therapy can take place.

What about confidentiality?
All sessions remain confidential between us unless I have reason to believe that you may cause harm to yourself or others. I reserve the right to use that information to protect yourself and anyone else from the consequences of your intentions. If an unusual event arises necessitating a break in confidentiality, it will be done where possible with your consent and only to those parties who have an absolute need to know. Material arising in the sessions may at times be shared with my Supervisors but strictly concealing identity and preserving client confidentiality.

Who is your regulating Body and what code of ethics do you work to?
I currently subscribe to The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapist ‘s professional standards and code of ethics and these are available by clicking here UKCP Code of Ethics

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