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About Psychosexual Therapy

Sexual issues are often an area that may leave you feeling embarrassed and isolated and can often cause relationship issues and anxiety. Psychosexual Therapy can benefit you by gaining information about your difficulty, a fresh perspective on your experience and greater understanding about how your body functions, as well as the possibility to work through the problem therapeutically. Often there is no medical reason to explain the sexual difficulty, which could certainly be psychological in origin. In these cases, exploring the meaning of your sex life and your expectations about yourself can be beneficial and help you move forward with more confidence about your involvement with sex.

Psychosexual Therapy is still a 'talking therapy' and does not involve any physical contact between you and the Therapist or require you to remove any of your clothing

Common Sexual Problems

  • Erection difficulties
  • Ejaculation problems
  • Sexual identity
  • Reaching orgasm
  • Vaginismus and painful sex
  • Loss of Desire

How Can Psychosexual Therapy Help?

Sometimes, what’s initially perceived as a problem with sexual performance can actually be your body communicating with you or your natural responses to certain situations becoming apparent – this can be very reassuring and refreshing to discover this during your session. While there’s no guarantee about the outcome – because it’s your mind and your body – working together with a Psychosexual Therapist can help you gain a better understanding of the issue which can help you to improve the situation. Anyone who is considering Psychosexual Therapy should first consult with their GP to ensure there is no underlying medical issue. You should also ensure any therapist you consider is specifically trained in Psychosexual Therapy.

Issues that can be helped include but are not limited to the following:

  • Painful periods or sexual intercourse
  • Size of penis/breasts affecting your sex life or loss of desire
  • Impact of illness, sexually transmitted infections or surgical operations
  • Effect of medication on sexual desire or functioning
  • No longer finding your partner attractive
  • Previous sexual abuse or assault or rape causing flashbacks or sexual problems
  • Problematic use of paid-for sexual services
  • Needing drugs or alcohol in order to have sex
  • Questioning your sexual identity or sexual orientation
  • Impact of pregnancy, termination or childbirth
  • Arrival of children affecting your sex life
  • Secret relationships, texting or social networking
  • Sexual encounters or relationships about which your partner is unaware

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